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Got a creative home project, lofty aspirations and a modest budget?
Hey, we’ve been there too.

A pile of planks


After landing their first home — and in a bid to save some cash — Tom and Annie, our Co-Founders, knuckled down to transform a pile of reclaimed wooden planks into furniture pieces, personalised for their interiors. They felt accomplished and their guests were impressed, too. Result.


But what they struggled to get their hands on was affordable, design-led hardware that completed their creative projects to a standard they were happy with.

Say no to mediocre metalwork


Unwilling to settle, the duo created Plank Hardware, for those of you who similarly won’t compromise on your Pinterest #interiorgoals. From our London studio, we design stylish hardware products in high quality materials, which we manufacture responsibly with our international supply chain partners. We then offer them to you for a pretty fair price (and with the friendliest of services). 


That’s premium, grid-worthy finishing touches that’ll elevate your home but won’t cost a fortune — have we got your attention?

Get a handle on your home


What’s more, we’re on a mission to empower a generation of inspired homeowners and kick-ass DIYers. Sick of that hand-me-down wardrobe? Hack it. Unhappy with your kitchen hardware? Tweak it. 


Roll up your sleeves and do the gritty work yourself, or perfect the role of Project Manager — that’s up to you. All we ask is that you trust your creativity, make decisions with confidence and embrace your own version of domestic perfection.

So, go get stuck in. You’ll thank us when the dust settles.