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Solid Brass

Until 2021, our entire product range was made from solid brass. You guys love it, often commenting on how high-quality and weighty your products feel upon receipt. Given that brass ages naturally, developing a unique patina as it oxidises, we finish our products with a clear lacquer that guarantees it’s premium look for longer — though not forever.

To achieve different colour finishes, some products have been subject to additional manufacturing processes. Matt Black products receive a coating of super durable paint, whilst Satin Nickel products are electroplated.

The Carbon Conundrum

Conscious that we didn’t know our carbon impact at a product level, we conducted our first carbon audit in 2020. We measured the impact of creating each product from brass, then compared it with producing the same design in aluminium and stainless steel.

The results were eye-opening, with us learning that brass has greater carbon emissions than both of the alternatives, prompting us to make some quick adaptations to our material choices.

New Materials

1. Aluminium

Famous for its durable and featherweight properties, aluminium can be anodized to achieve a slick black finish that’s also corrosion-resistant. It’s for these reasons we’re producing all new black hardware styles from solid aluminium as of 2022. Our LUDLOW T-Bar Handle and BEZEL Grooved Knob are the first of which to launch, with more to arrive soon — bear with us.

Once you receive your solid aluminium products, you’ll probably marvel at how light they feel to handle. Take comfort knowing that, not only will they last for years to come, but they’re a more responsible choice to have made for our planet.

2. Stainless Steel

As hardy as materials come, stainless steel is our new alternative to achieving a silvery-toned product that’s comparable to our Satin Nickel finish. Also corrosion-resistant, as well as recycling-friendly, we can bypass the energy-intensive electroplating process by using stainless steel in it’s authentic finish — and still achieve handsome looking hardware. Our LUDLOW T-Bar Handle and BEZEL Grooved Knob are also available in stainless steel from now, with more products already in production.

If you opt for stainless steel hardware, you’ll notice it carries the same weighty, premium handle that our brass products do — but its glossy finish will remain for even longer.

Solid Brass:

Our classic finish, with a clear protective lacquer.

1.67kg CO2e per 185mm pull handle (1.5  Handles for the carbon price of 1 cotton t-shirt)

Stainless Steel:

Durable and corrosion-resistant, with a steely-silvery tone.

1.12kg CO2e per 185mm pull handle (2 Handles for the carbon price of 1 cotton t-shirt)

Black Aluminium:

Featherweight anodized aluminium, in a slick black finish.

0.66kg CO2e per 185mm pull handle (3 Handles for the carbon price of 1 cotton t-shirt)

Caring For Your Hardware

No matter what material you opt for, it's important that you care for your hardware to ensure it looks its best and doesn’t age prematurely. For all options — solid brass, aluminium and stainless steel — we advise regular, non-abrasive cleaning with a cloth and warm, soapy water. Avoid chemical-based cleaners.

Continual Improvement

We’re proud to have made these material improvements, but it’s just the start of an on-going commitment to bettering the products we offer you whilst reducing our carbon footprint.

Have suggestions on what more we could be doing? We'd love to hear your thoughts. Email us at